Adjustment and How to fly it

Even if you fold it very well, you cannot fly it without knowing how to adjust and the flight technique.
Learn how to make elevator and fly it.

1. At first, check the wings are strait when you see it from the front.If you find the wing is twisting, you should correct it with the edge of the desk or ruler.

2.Slightly bend the rear edge of wing. This is the elevator.

3.Look how it will fly before adjustment. Throw it a little bit downward as you push it "slowly" and "straight".
Fly it just as you throw the stick straight.

4.Check the elevator. How did the paper airplane fly? Bend the elevator up or down and try to fly it No.1 in the picture below.

5.In the case it tends to go right or left. Make it sure that the tail fin is straight? Check it if the one of the tail fin is twisting too much.
If you bend up the right elevator, it will go right.(See the right picture) You twist the tail fin to the right when you see it from topside.
The direction should be adjusted by the elevator. If you adjust it by the tail fin, its flight will be easily affected by the wind.

6. Let's fly it as far as possible.(The distance game)
If the airplane flies straight very well by adjustment mentioned in 4 and 5, throw it more "speedy" and "straight".

7. Let's fly it as long as possible.(The flight duration game)
Throw it up like the picture below. Adjust it to fly as high as possible and come down as slowly as possible.
If it fly a large loop and come down soon, bend down the elevator.