See "For good flights" section.

1.Fold into half and open to make crease.
Fold along the central fold line.
2.Fold up in the same way.
3.Fold tip portion marked with red dotted circle to another. 4.Fold up in the same way.
5.Fold at dotted line. 6.Fold tip at dotted line.
7.Fold into half at central dotted line. 8.Fold edge up to red dotted line to make crease showed as gray dotted line.
9.Open. 10.Make vertical fin with "nakawariori;a folding technique".
11.After "nakawariori". 12.Fold at dotted line to make wings. Height of dotted line at front end is 1/2
13.Refer to completion drawing. Wing is lower than horizon a little.
Completion drawing of "Icarus"
Orange portions in upper end of plane are elevators in this figure.