See "For good flights" section.

1.Lengthwise and crosswise into half, respectively and open. And fold lower edge of paper up to lengthwise crease and open. Repeat once more.
Then fold up at crosswise dotted line.
2.Fold the corners which marked with dotted circle up to point at the intersection of lengthwise crease with crosswise crease. Then open.

3.Fold up to crease made in Fig.2. 4.Fold at crease made in Fig.2.

5.Fold corners marked with dotted circle up to portion marked with center one. 6.Make a crease crosswise dotted line.

7.Fold into half. 8.Make a crease at dotted line in nose.

9.Make nose.

10.Make vertical fin with "nakawariori;a folding technique". 11.Fold at dotted line to make wings.

12.Open wings.(Refer to completion drawing)

Completion drawing of "Sliderl"